Eximfix - Global Suppliers Directory

About Us


We aim to bring buyers and sellers in a virtual environment by using advanced information technologies.

With our head office in Qatar and our expert staff: our goal is to provide our members a direct platform, where importer / buyer and manufacturer - wholesaler and distributor to meet without intermediaries.

Thanks to Eximfix; they can get results without searching for sales offices, agencies and distributors in the country where they want to export.

Eximfix Benefits:

One-to-one support in the formation of your member pages

Company profile translations of the new member companies of Eximfix are performed by our expert staff.

Advanced search tool

It helps you to find new customers and grow your business with the search tool organized by activity sector based categories.

Member links

We give each member a special internet address for their pages: firmname.eximfix.com

Software suitable for Search Engines

Our members are placed in the top positions in the internet in a short time.

Support our members in correspondence

Members who do not have any foreign trade department or who have not yet exported are supported at customs stages and correspondence.

Continuous and effective Advertisement

We know; the continuity of our cooperation is ensured by the establishment of new export connections by our members and the satisfaction of our services. For this reason, the majority of the fees paid by our members are used for advertising and promotion to create more demand for your products.

The benefits that Eximfix provides to its members are:

Gaining knowledge and experience in export

Obtaining foreign currency income

Entering new markets and reaching new buyers

Diversification of the market and increased revenue

Direct contact with buyers

Decrease in marketing expenses

More profitable sales by obtaining bargaining power

Be able to make a voice in the industry

Unlimited products on the Internet

Our members rank high in search engines with product and company names.

Brand and prestige values increase.

Business cards, contact information and product catalogs to be shared by spending thousands of dollars at the fairs are possible through Eximfix with membership fees of 25 Dollars.