Eximfix presents the reliable and fast payment system EPS (Eximfix Payment Security), which eliminates the payment transactions risks for buyers and sellers, and assists them with import and export activities.


The most important part of the import and export process is payment transaction. Among the existing methods, there is no payment system that offers all features such as security, speed, convenience and simplicity at once.

Existing methods such as Cash, Cash Against Goods, Cash Against Documents and Letter of Credit do not offer all of these features together.

Letter of Credit; Although safe, it is not fast enough due to complex procedures.

Against Goods; Although it is faster against the letter of credit system, it has a weaker structure in terms of assurance.


EPS is a system can be used in domestic and foreign trade agreements, combining the assurance of the Letter of Credit method and the convenience of the Cash Against Goods method. Buyers and sellers take a mutual and conditional obligation through Eximfix Payment Security, eliminating the risk of payment.

By combining the most important features of current payment methods; It opens a new alternative door for those who move away from Letter of Credit and approach foreign trade with the concern of getting paid.

Do not worry

If the quality of the product or the date of delivery differs from what you and the supplier agreed on EPS, we will help you find the best solution for all parties or refund your money

How does it work?

The buyer and seller agree on the price and determine the terms of delivery.

Buyer transfers the order amount to Eximfix supervision account

Supplier receives notification of payment receipt

The seller prepares the product and ships it.

The retained payments are transferred to the seller’s account after the buyer receives and approves the product.

Using this system is entirely at the discretion of the members.


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