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Q 1: How can i register to post my enquiry?

Answer 1: You can watch our video tutorial on our YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/Ke-iMloqqo8

Click on “Sign in” tab on top right hand corner of the homepage and choose “Sign up” option. Enter your email address, choose your Password and add your information. At the end of the form you need to click “Sign Up”.

Check your email address you used for signing up, open the activation email from Eximfix and confirm your email.

You are now registered on eximfix.com as a buyer. You can login to your account with your email and chosen password.

Click on “Purchase Request” tab on the top right corner and choose “Add Free Request”. Fill in the request form and press “Submit”. Well done your request is posted on Eximfix now.

You can watch our video tutorial on our YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/t9DGLzHJTwk

You can check and delete your requests at the “Purchase Request” section under “Account” tab.

Q 2: If I forgot my password, what should I do?

Answer 2: Resetting your password is very easy to do. Just follow these steps:

-Go to the Eximfixx.com login page: https://eximfix.com/login

-Click Forgot Password near the login

-Enter the email address you used to create your eximfix.com membership

-Check your email (this may take a few minutes)

-Copy the new password we have sent you

Q 3: How do I change my password?

Answer 3: It is very easy to change your password. Just follow these steps:

- Log into your account

-Clıck on “Account” Tab and select “Manage Account”

-Select the “Account” tab on the left bottom of your dashboard

-Scroll down to “Update Password” section at the bottom of the page

-Enter your current Eximfix.com password

-Enter your new password twice for confirmation purposes

-Press “Update Password” button to finish the process

Q 4: I am a buyer, why do I need to provide my contact detail when I post enquiry?

Answer 4: You need to provide your name as authorized buyer, and your email and name are required for suppliers in order to contact you for further details about your request.

Q 5: Do I have to pay to post enquiry or using eximfix.com?

Answer 5: No, eximfix.com is absolutely free for buyers and free to browse website.

Q 6: Can I add more than one Purchase Request?

Answer 6: You an post as many as Purchase requests you wish to post. Remember to delete the expired and fulfilled requests. You can check and delete your requests at the “Purchase Request” section under “Account” tab.

Q 7: How can I pay for buying an Eximfix package?

Answer 7: You can watch our video tutorial on our YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/bVdOdBwmnvA/

We have tailored different packages with several time length options. You can buy a package that suits your need from your dashboard. You can go in your dashboard from the “Manage Account” under “Account” tab.

You can pay securely with your credit card and we will approve your purchase asap.

Q 8: How can I add my company on eximfix.com?

Answer 8: You can watch our video tutorial on our YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/bVdOdBwmnvA/

We made it simple to add your business. After your payment is approved: Please prepare the below info and material to fill in the form.

-Add your Company Details: People connect better with stories than they do with a list of facts. If you want people to actually remember the information from your company profile, tell a story about your brand.

-Choose your Category,

-Enter your Location and Address

-Upload Media: PDF, Logo, Banner, photos, video link:

- Enter Tags (remember to put comma between) and Meta Tags: This is a short description of your store that will also show up on a Google search, so it’s best to make it descriptive. It will draw people into your store! You can edit the title/meta description for all of your pages/blog posts/collections and products also. It is best to make sure each page has a different Meta description.

-Enter your Business Hours

-Enter your Contact details: Website, corporate email, Phone number, Whatsapp Number, Social Media Addresses (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram)

-If you choose “General (Products Entry)” option under the Type section; you can add products as well.

-After filling all the info above, Click “Finish” and “Submit” to post your add.

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Are you a buyer?Post An Enquiry Now

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Eximfix.com Directory Listing Benefits

We are one of the most reliable business directories on the Web. Unlike other online business directories, we manually review every submitted business directory listing to ensure it meets our Editorial Guidelines. These guidelines reflect our dedication to offering the highest quality business directory for our business buyer audience.

Business Directory Advertising is a low cost, simple way to place your company in front of B2B audience searching for your products and services.

Key Benefits of Eximfix.com Business Directory Listing:

Reach – Access a concentrated audience of millions of unique visitors.

Target – Get your company in front of motivated business buyers who are ready to buy.

Save – Take advantage of a low annual fee of $25 that gets you listed for an entire year.

Simply select from business categories to place your listing and start increasing your online visibility instantly.

We DO NOT ACCEPT the following sites:

- Online gambling sites

- Adult / Pornography

- Online Pharmacy Sites

- Retail Tobacco

- Multi-Level Marketing Sites