Boxoffice Packaging

Boxoffice Packaging

Bopackaging is a UK based custom printing and packaging company that has been helpful to so many startup businesses. Industries, specifically, Food, CBD and Cosmetics have been among our top clients. We reach our customer requirements through our smart, innovative and cost-effective solutions. We don’t just manufacture the boxes, we help you to sell your product in a fancy and attractive way. From small startup businesses to large multi-national corporations, we have been serving as a one-stop solution for all their printing and packaging requirements.

Why BoPackaging?

We provide free graphic support.

We provide free door to door shipping.

We are a United Kingdom-based company.

We provide you with more variety at the most competitive prices.

BoPackaging is your one-stop solution for all packaging needs to make your products look attractive, elegant and fancy.

The BoPackaging roadmap begins with our Mission. Our mission declares our goals as a company and serves as a benchmark against which our actions and decisions are weighed.

Our mission is to:

Provision of highest quality printing and packaging facilities to small businesses at the most competitive prices.

One-stop solution for all business printing and packaging requirements

Our Vision:

Our vision serves as a framework and guides every aspect of our business by explaining what we must achieve to continue sustainable and quality growth.

People: Our employees are our asset and not a liability.

We want to become a great place to work where people are inspired to maximise their potential.

Products: To sustain uncompromising repute in producing high-quality printing and packaging solutions at affordable prices.

Partners: Develop lasting and trustworthy relationships with our customers and suppliers to create an air of mutual respect and confidence.

Planet: Become an echo friendly citizen in the packaging world who is responsible for building and supporting sustainable communities.

Productivity: Be highly efficient, competent and enormously productive.

What we Value:

Passion: Committed to heart and mind.

Quality: Premium printing and packaging solutions.

Fresh: Design innovative, engaging, attractive and fresh packaging solutions.

Integrity and honesty: Operate with integrity and honesty in everything we do.

Knowledge: Pass on our packaging knowledge to our clients to help them make educated and well-informed decisions.

Bopackaging has been serving businesses for the last 5 years across 3 continents. We take pride in our uniqueness of Style, Supreme Quality, Premium Printing, and Packaging services.

We have covered numerous products in Food, Cosmetics and CBD industries with our promising loyalty.

All our clients are premium so we don’t charge for designing and small adjustments.

Our production and formation group have the vision to accomplish customer satisfaction.

We not only pack your ideas (Products) but also your printing, packaging and marketing vision.

Our printing and packaging solutions also help you reach your sales targets as early as conceivable.

Bopackaging assists thousands of on-demand trade printing and realistic printing orders online on daily basis.

To support and promote client satisfaction and the customer’s devotion we encourage our customers’ engagement for the customizations of their product design.

We believe it to be a worthwhile involvement for you to help boost your product advertisement in the market. We have stood the test of time in an exceedingly competitive industry.


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