About Creating the Right Profile in Eximfix

About Creating the Right Profile in Eximfix

Dear member,


Thank you for joining Eximfix and for your interest in our campaign. Your membership has been upgraded to the Gold Package. You can post 5 products/services or 5 requests. We have decided to share this email with you so that you can make the most of your membership.


As you know, Eximfix is a B2B platform that brings together buyers and sellers from all over the world 'without intermediaries'. However, we would like to remind you that the company profile information must be filled in completely and accurately in order for buyers or sellers to reach you.


We have tried to explain this topic below to guide you with examples.


In Eximfix, buyers can reach the seller through the shared products, and the sellers can reach the buyer through the created requests.


For example;




  • Buyers enter the product page for the product they are looking for and review the product they are interested in. (1 step)
  • He visits his profile to order the product or to reach the supplier that produced the product and to get information about it. (2 steps)
  • Of course, he can communicate directly with the supplier without examining who it is. (3 steps)


Let's be realistic! Who wants to buy from a supplier they know nothing about?


In this example, let's follow 2 step and look at Aldar Trading company.




  • 1 step: All contact information of the company is available. Here I can contact the company directly.
  • 2 step: The area where information about the company's history and information is available in 3 languages. Here I can learn about the company.
  • 3 step: I can also review other products shared by the company.


In order for you to have a suitable company profile, you can access the relevant form from the dashboard. Do not forget to upload your logo, enter information about your company and add a detailed description when sharing your products.




Let's get your company and your products to more people!


Eximfix Team!

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