Gordes Zeolite

Gordes Zeolite


Gordes Zeolite is a proud member of the Öztürk Group.

Established by Mr Fikret Öztürk in the 1980s, the Group constantly strives to implement best business practices and social responsibility. Its combined annual turnover is 10 billion US dollars. It provides large scale employment, in excellent work conditions, across a wide range of sectors; Petroleum Distribution, Real Estate Development, Hospitality, Logistics, Technology, Agriculture, Mining and Pet Products.

Environmental protection is constantly adhered to and is seen as a priority. The Öztürk Group also voluntarily assists many social causes with the intention of evolving a proud legacy, from which many future generations can benefit.

The Gordes Zeolite Quarry and Adjacent State of the Art Production Plant.

We extract some of the purest Zeolite Clinoptilolite from the largest known deposit in the world. We then process and utilise this remarkable mineral to produce a range of unique products. These are then supplied to our own internal Öztürk Group companies and also many clients globally.

Our commercial brands, such as NAT-MIN 9000, AGRO-CLINO, CLINO TURF, LEO-ZEO, LEO-ZEO TURF, ZETA, FILTER-CLINO and ZEO OIL-CHEM SPILL CLEANER are recognised as highly efficient and of excellent quality.


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