Soil Conditioners for Turf

Leo-Zeo TurfThis unique, patented, organic soil conditioner combines the benefits of zeolite-clinoptilolite and leonardite. It comes in a fine granular form customised for turf to ensure homogeneous mixing in the rootzone soil and for ease of application.What does Leo-Zeo Turf do?Improves soil structurePromotes healthy and prolific root growthMore efficient use of fertilisersBetter nutrient retentionBetter moisture retentionLess leaching of nutrientsWhat are the benefits to the Turf?Healthier fibrous root systemHealthier stronger turfTougher sward and less susceptible to diseaseGreener, more dense and visually pleasingBetter playing surfaceWhat are the benefits to the environment?Less fertilisers and chemicals requiredLess water requiredLess leaching of nutrients into rivers and lakesApplicationFor areas of new construction, mix 10% Leo-Zeo Turf with sand or soil prior to seeding. Seed as normal.For existing turf, mix Leo-Zeo Turf with top dressing sand at a minimum of 10% and apply top dressing as normal both after aeration and for normal, routing top dressing operations.If using Drill and Fill, DryJect or similar, mix LeoZeo Turf with dry sand using a minimum of 10% Leo-Zeo Turf. Increase this up to 50% if desired.Alternatively apply Leo-Zeo Turf liberally to the existing turf just prior to topdressing at a rate of 100-200g per sqm (100-200kg per 1.000 sqm).Leo-Zeo Turf is best mixed to sand at a 90/10 ratio (90%sand and 10% Leo-Zeo turf by volume. ) However, Leo-Zeo turf can be mixed with all soil types where soil quality needs to be improved. 
Perfect Leo -Zero
Agro Soil
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